Roping Light Curtain

The Roping Light Curtain provides a two-foot tall curtain of light across the width of the steer alley to more consistently catch the steer's head whether it is raised or lowered.

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Ordering Information

To order a full Roping and Rodeo Timing System which includes the light curtain, click on the checkbox next to "Team Roping" on our Western Riding page.

Roping Light Curtain
Includes only the Roping Light Curtain. You must already have a FarmTek Roping and Rodeo System (including the corresponding photo-transmitter) to purchase. Call us for help integrating your new Roping Light Curtain into your current system.
Add optional magnetic base Quick Mounts (two required, $15 each)
Add optional strap-on base Quick Mounts (two required, $15 each)