Timing Systems for Athlete Speed Training

Our speed training timer is a great tool for obtaining accurate and consistent times for common football drills like the 40 yard dash, pro agility shuttle, and the three-cone drill. It is also useful for timing speed drills for baseball, hockey, track and other sporting events. The electronic timer eliminates the human error and bias that so often result in times that don't accurately reflect the athlete's actual ability or progress.

Speed Training
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Ordering Information

Timing System for Athlete Speed Training
Includes the Polaris timing console, two pairs of electric eyes (start pair, finish pair), four tripods, a custom hard-shell carrying case, and batteries for all equipment.
Add Split Time pair of Eyes with Tripods (+$270.00 each pair)

Popular Options

7 Inch LED Scoreboard
Includes the 7 inch LED scoreboard and 50 feet of cable to connect the Polaris console to the scoreboard.
Custom cable length:
Check to add carrying case (+$120.00)
Check to add external battery and charger (+$75.00)
10 Inch LED Scoreboard
Includes the 10 Inch LED scoreboard and 100 feet of cable to connect the Polaris console to the scoreboard.
Custom cable length:
Check to add carrying case (+$165.00)
Wireless Scoreboard Interface
With the wireless scoreboard interface, you do not have to run the data cable from the Polaris console to the scoreboard. The scoreboard still requires AC power.
Scoreboard Stand
When there is not a good location from which the scoreboard can be hung, the scoreboard stand is a great way to increase the visibility of either of our LED scoreboards. Extends up to nine feet in height, collapses to about 57 inches. Note: Guy-wires and/or bagging are required for windy conditions.
Wireless Handswitch
The wireless handswitch can be used to remotely start and stop the timer by hand, or to manually arm the timer to give the coach more control over timer activity in crowded situations.
Computer Interface Cable
The computer interface cable provides a connection between the Polaris timer console and a serial or USB port on a computer for record keeping. Includes a free 30-day trial of our Timer Interface Software.
Replacement Tripods

*Note: Our tripods are standard camera tripods and may be replaced with a make and model found at your local department store.
@ $25